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Best Acne Product? An Honest Proactiv Review

Proactiv Acne Treatment is one of the most popular acne treatment products on the market. By now, you’ve probably seen at least one advertisement for Proactiv, because they spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns with popular celebrities as spokesmodels. But does it really work? This Proactiv review will compare the pros and cons of this acne treatment option.

Description of Proactiv
The basic 3-piece Proactiv set consists of a cleanser, toner, and lotion, all formulated specifically for acne prone skin. Keep in mind that because everyone’s skin is totally unique, what works for one person’s skin, may not be ideal for yours. Proactiv also offers a few additional products if you would like to customize your skin care regimen with more options. These include an SPF moisturizer, a refining mask, green tea moisturizer, and daily oil control solution.

Active Ingredients
The primary anti-acne active ingredient used in Proactiv is benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient is one of the most effective topical over-the-counter acne treatments available. Benzoyl peroxide is the active ingredient in most popular acne products. It does work, but not without some side effects. And, while it cures most acne blemishes, it does not always cure them all. If you have severe cystic acne, for example, you may want to combine a topical acne remedy, like Proactiv, with other treatment options that get to the root of your problem skin. This may mean a natural anti acne diet (alkaline pH, more antioxidants), as well as potentially taking prescription acne medications or hormone pills, depending on the underlying cause of your acne.

For most mild, typical acne blemishes, Proactiv is a solid acne cure. Most independent consumer reviews are favorable, with one common complaint that it can overdry your skin, especially when you first start using it. This is a result of the benzoyl peroxide and is not unique to Proactiv. When you first start using a benzoyl peroxide solution, your skin needs to get accustomed to it, and over a few weeks the irritation, dryness, and flaking should subside. This is called “hardening” the skin and getting it accustomed to the effects of benzoyl peroxide. Just be sure to follow the instructions, and use the moisturizer. You can also try their Refining Mask and Green Tea Moisturizer if you want to ensure your skin is well hydrated during treatment. Before purchasing, be sure to read the information on their website for assistance in choosing the right product options for your skin.

What to Expect
Expect an initial period (a few weeks) of drying and irritation as your skin adapts to the benzoyl peroxide. You may also have some flakiness, which can be combated with the moisturizer. Following a couple weeks, most people notice their skin improving and in many cases the acne is completely cured, with no more unsightly and painful blemishes.

One note of caution with Proactiv (as well as other products containing benzoyl peroxide): be careful not to get the product on your dark towels or fabrics, as the peroxide can have a bleaching effect.

Independent Consumer Reviews
If you do a little research on the web, you will find exceedingly positive reviews for Proactive, as well as a sprinkling of negative reviews. Most consumers seem very happy with the product overall, but it doesn’t work for everyone. No single acne product ever does work for everyone, unfortunately, and that is why there are so many. The consumers with the most complaints about it seem to suffer from the initial dryness and irritation, which likely would have gone away within a few weeks anyway. The bottom line is to use the full set of products including moisturizer if your skin is dry. Unless the irritation is unbearable, you should give the product at least 1-2 months to work before you give up on it. If it doesn’t work, take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

What Does it Cost
Proactiv is neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive, acne cure on the market. It is relatively affordable compared to most quality skin care lines. You will use a small amount of the product, once in the morning, and once at night. It breaks down to about $ 1 per day of treatment, which, if you’re suffering from bad acne, probably seems a small price to pay for clear skin.

Proactiv offers a 60-day money back guarantee, the details of which are available on their website. Because everyone’s skin is different, this is a low risk way for you to try a product and you aren’t out much (shipping and handling) if it doesn’t work for you. However, Proactiv is popular for a reason: it does work and gets rid of acne for most people, so it is a good option for most of us with acne prone skin.

Overall Review
Proactiv is a solid acne treatment option for those who are willing to follow a twice-daily skin regimen, and are willing to spend about $ 1 per day to get rid of acne. It uses one of the most effective acne ingredients available to heal blemishes and restore clear, smooth skin. Overall, Proactiv is an excellent choice for curing acne, although some consumer reviews do indicate it can be too harsh and drying, at least initially.

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