Sunday, September 24, 2017
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My Anti-Aging Diet People never believe me when I tell them I’m in my 40’s. This is my personal diet for smooth, soft, younger looking skin. Slow down and even reverse the signs of aging when you choose foods that fight inflammation – the main factor of accelerated aging to your skin.
Enjoy your younger looking skin!
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5 thoughts on “My Anti-Aging Diet

  1. Hi Erin, I'm considering buying your Toned in Ten workout but I'm concerned about a few things. First, I can barely hear you on your utubes, are the videos of better quality? Secondly, do you do the entire work out on the video that I can work out with you or do just show how to do it once and tell us how long to work out to each? Lastly, I thought I was in shape (I"m half a hundred) but I'm struggling with some of the exercises from a dislocated hip. Do you show how to do the lower impact exercise and what if I am never able to get off the lower impact on some of these? Thank you, Tammy

  2. so basically no , bread , rice, potatoes and pasta. but im an ectomorph and ill lose weight rapiidly if i eliminate those carbs.

  3. Oh yeah, love roasted vegetables, so glad you mention that.  Very filling and so easy to do.  Like your videos!

  4. hi erin.,i find your content very nice . I am trying to buy toned in 10 but its always showing error.i am from india

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