Sunday, September 24, 2017
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We Tried The New FaceApp

“I’m super attracted to the female version of me.”


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15 thoughts on “We Tried The New FaceApp

  1. I think 1:06 definitely has a point, it IS massively racialised. It's always good to call things out like that if you're showing it on such a public platform

  2. if you are a guy try to make yourself pretty, safe the picture and make that picture pretty again, do that a few times, add a smile and turn yourself female…. crazy results lol

  3. Of course, some of the females got triggered that they "had unrealistic views" because you know, it's not like it's a fun phone app.

  4. I feel like some of the dislikes for this video is because the femnazi kinda ruined the fun :/
    It's just an app lady
    move on

  5. The male version of me is a mix of Bryan Greenberg from The Mindy Project and my brother lmao

  6. The lady at 1:06 was triggered by something…..maybe at the fact that they made the girl version of her prettier than what she really looks like and she probably got pissed thinking that's how society wants her to look even though she doesn't look that way. That's what happens when you have insecurities.

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